Girl traumatized after 2 men follow and chase her from Northland bus stop

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Catcalled and chased down by two men – a Northland middle school girl ran to safety after she got off the school bus.

It happened at the Ethan Apartments complex off NW Barry Road around nightfall late last week, as the 12-year-old took the late bus home following after-school activities.

The 7th grader was too shy to talk with FOX 4 about what happened, but her mother said it was so traumatizing, her daughter is now scared to walk home from the bus stop, worried about who's watching.

“Can you imagine your child goes to school and they don't come home?” asked mother Mamie Maranney. “That's really scary.”

The girl said two men she had never seen before were parked near her bus stop, and soon started following her.

“They were asking her like, ‘Do you need a ride?’” Maranney recalled. “And she said, ‘No, I don't need no ride.’ And they were like, ‘Come on little mama, don't be shy. Don't' be scared, come on!’”

Amidst the cat calls, the girl trusted her instincts and started running home.

“When they got a little bit closer, she ran and they were running after her,” her mom said.

As they chased after her, the men joked, “They were like, ‘Oh my God, she's fast! Just forget it, she's fast!’”

Maranney said the men gave up when her daughter got close to their apartment. She now shudders to think what could've happened.

“I don’t think they had good intentions,” Maranney said, “because why would you see a child walking and try to chase after her? I think they were thinking of doing something bad.”

She is disgusted and angry as to why her young daughter was targeted by two older men who clearly knew she was underage.

“Like why would you want to do that to a little child, an innocent child coming from school?” Maranney questioned.

She is now sharing her close call to warn others in their neighborhood.

“I don't want this happening to any other kids,” she said. “That’s why I want parents to keep their eyes open and pay attention to their kids.”

The girl described the two men as white, in their 30's, wearing black hoodies and driving a dark, 4-door car. If you know anything, call Kansas City Police.