The Legends prepares to keep shoppers safe on Black Friday with extra security

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Malls across the metro are preparing for Black Friday shoppers. The Legends Outlets staff said the mall will have extra security on hand and undercover police officers. Staff said the security cameras will be closely monitored.

"We have them in you know the parking garage, the parking lots both and as you lead into store areas," said Kristi Humston, with The Legends.

A newly released study from found shoppers in Missouri and Kansas are more likely to get into fights on Black Friday. Missouri was ranked the fifth spot and Kansas the ninth.

"We try to avoid the places that are the most crowded but yeah definitely safety is never an issue," said shopper Shelby Taylor.

The Legends opens at midnight on Thanksgiving. Staff said there will be plenty of security so just ask if you would like one to escort you to your car.