Joe’s Weather Blog: The storm that won’t quit (SAT-11/28)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

As I start typing this weather blog, there is another band of freezing rain moving through areas of NE KS and into NW MO…ever since noon Thursday when the cold front came through…our weather has certainly been rather miserable. It can be much worse though, A nasty ice storm is winding down in OK as I’ll talk about more in the discussion part of the blog.


Tonight: Periodic bouts of light freezing rain/drizzle will move through. It shouldn’t be anything too heavy but additional light glazing is possible in areas where the freezing rain moves through. For areas south of KC…where temperatures are above freezing…occasional light showers are possible tonight. Temperatures steady near 31° or so in KC.

Sunday: Occasional patches of AM freezing drizzle/light rain then I’m somewhat hopeful we can nudge the temperatures upwards a few degrees allowing whatever falls to be just liquid. Highs near 35 (eventually)

Monday: More rain early in the AM till lunchtime or so then cloudy…and in reality we may see an additional 1/10-1/2″ of rain from the main part of the storm that will be passing NW and N of the KC area. Highs Monday into the 35-40° range.


Another day and more gray cold weather in the KC area. As a matter of fact the temperature at KCI has been between 30-32° for 34 straight hours (through 1PM SAT). We’re stuck in a shallow cold air mass and with the mild moist flow above that air mass coming from the SW…it’s not a good recipe for sunshine…and I don’t expect any for another couple of days.

Radar at this writing is showing another area of mostly light freezing rain across NE KS moving ENEwards…


Meanwhile farther south…it’s a mess of more ice and persistent and heavy rainfall.


In OK…earlier int he year they were dealing with a nasty drought…well here is the rain for the last few days…


and for the last 365 days…there are 70-75″ totals across almost a 1/4 of the state!


Pretty impressive…

So this latest storm which has been spinning across the western part of the country for the last 4-5 days is finally going to start moving…it looks to move towards the I-80 corridor on Monday and Tuesday. Here is the NAM model showing the 500 mb maps…this is roughly up at 18,000′ or so…and I think you can see the storms progression. For timing…12Z is 6AM and 00Z is 6PM…18Z is noon and 06Z is midnight.


If you remember from yesterday’s blog…we still have this “warm” of air just above the surface…that hasn’t changed and it’s the reason why we’re having freezing rain instead of snow in the KC area. What the storm will eventually do later Monday is strip that warm layer away…and allow the atmosphere to finally be cold enough for snow…but…

By the time all that happens the precipitation with the storm will be moving away. There could be a renegade snowflake out there…perhaps something a bit more interesting towards the IA border…but once again, just like a week or so ago…this is going to be another snowstorm in the upper Midwest.

As far as the KC area goes…this storm will continue to create small little disturbances which will zip quickly up from the SW to the NE. This means periodic bouts of rain…including freezing rain into tomorrow…then probably liquid rain tomorrow night into early Monday. The whole thing will start to wind down Monday afternoon it appears and I’m hopeful for, at least some sunshine on Tuesday.

At this point…as we start looking into December…I don’t see any accumulating snows coming towards the KC area for awhile.

Sorry snow lovers…it may take awhile to make you happy.





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