Cyber Monday leads to a bombardment of boxes that need recycling

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It’s Cyber Monday, when all the deals can be bought straight from the computer and land at your door step. That means the boxes and Styrofoam add up. Instead of tossing it in the trash, you have other options.

“Shipping is a huge part,” said Nathan Corn.

A healthy serving of food for a week, ordered online and sent straight to the customer. That’s the idea behind FlexPro Meals.

“You have to pretty much create a refrigerator or freezer in a box,” he said.

Corn is the owner and notes that this is the time it gets busy. You enter the gift giving season as well as, New Years resolutions. Corn says the gift of food gets pretty popular.

“It’s pretty big. It’s depends on what they’re ordering exactly but you’re looking at 24x15x15 or something like that. So it’s a big box,” said Corn.

“They’re estimating this year, between Thanksgiving and New Year's that they will send out 1,547 million packages,” said Matt Riggs, the Outreach Coordinator for the Mid America Regional Council Solid Management District.

Riggs is behind a big a campaign called Recycle More. The average person in Kansas City will produce about seven pounds of trash a day. Do what you can to reduce that number.

“Who doesn’t love popping these air bubbles and air pillows. If you pop these, they’re the same material as your grocery sacks and bread bags and stuff,” said Riggs.

Reuse the boxes. Several stores like FedEx will also take peanuts and packaging material. Shipping is a huge part of getting the food to the customer, but so is recycling.

“We make them so that they’re easy to break down and very easy to set aside rather than having a big old cooler that you can’t do anything with,” said Corn.

For more information on ways and places to recycle, click on this link.

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