KCK dad’s charges for child abuse, assault just ‘tip of the iceberg’ according to district attorney

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A KCK man accused of torturing his 7-year-old son and attacking his wife stood before a judge on Monday in shackles and handcuffs.

The Wyandotte County district attorney says charges for child abuse and armed assault are just the tip of the iceberg for Michael Jones, as forensic experts are trying to unravel a mystery following the discovery of human remains at his home.

Are human remains found at the home those of a missing a 7-year-old boy? If so, what exactly happened before he died?

District Attorney Jerome Gorman says the case is far from over, and police will soon re-examine the property where the human remains were found.

Jones is charged with aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon, in addition to child abuse. Police say last Wednesday Jones used a firearm when he attacked his 29-year-old wife at their home in rural Wyandotte County.

A woman FOX 4 will identify as “Shelly” is an acquaintance of Jones’ wife, and said last Thursday she received a panicked call from her. Shelly is concerned about her own safety and asked FOX 4 to not show her face or fully identify her.

“I had no idea that I would get this phone call on Thanksgiving,” she said. “She told me she was shot, when he was called that she was shot, that he grazed her arm.”

Police say after investigating the initial armed disturbance between the couple, they were tipped off that Jones` 7-year-old son had been missing for an extended period of time. FOX 4 spoke with a former babysitter who says in retrospect, she wishes she had done more to help.

"I feel awful. I should’ve gone with my gut and whether I was right or whether I was wrong, I should’ve got him out there, got all the kids out of there. But I truly didn’t think it was that bad, I really didn’t and I just feel horrible now," she said.

FOX 4 is told the couple has seven kids ranging from 1 to 11 years old. Armed with a search warrant, police went back to the home and discovered human remains reportedly in a barn behind the family`s home.

“My discussions with police officers, this is one of the worst they`ve ever seen,” Gorman said during a Monday afternoon news conference.

Right now, forensic experts haven`t determined if the remains belong to the suspect`s missing child. Shelly says when she visited the couple`s home late in the summer, she saw all of Jones` children, except his son.

“I think it`s disgusting. I think it`s sad,” said Shelly.

A friend of the family told FOX 4 the 7-year-old child had special needs and was kept in the basement away from his six sisters who also lived in the house.

The children who lived in the home are currently in protective custody. Jones is behind bars on a $10 million bond, the largest that Gorman says he’s seen in 34 years as a prosecutor.

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