Wet weather leaving homeowners with flooded basements

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KANSAS CITY -- Persistent rains have kept area plumbers busy and homeowners with flooded basements.

Maria Marsh of Olathe says she came home from a long holiday weekend and found her basement with 3 inches of water. Marsh says her sump pump was unplugged leaving dozens of your family pictures stored in a box soaked.

“I was super surprised cause we had never had gotten water in the house before even through all the rains," Marsh said.

Roger Peugeot, owner of Roger the Plumber, advises homeowners to invest in a sump pump alarm. He says some alarms will alert you via text or email when the water level is getting high.

Peugeot says if homeowners want to prevent water from getting in their homes they need to look at the outside of their home too.

“This is the time of year all the leaves are getting into the gutters. The gutters are clogged and when it rains like crazy, it runs over the gutters and runs right up against the house," Peugeot said.

Peugeot said if you don’t clean your gutters and downspouts the water will seep right back into your home. He added that it's also a good idea to make sure your downspouts extend out six feet away from your home to prevent the water from recirculating.

According to Peugot, the best things you can do to prevent water from getting into your home are:

  • Clean gutters of leaves and debris
  • Clean downspouts using a hose to prevent clogs
  • Extend the downspouts at least 6 feet away from home
  • Check for pools of water on your lawn (could be a drain problem a landscaper can resolve)
  • Install a sump pump to keep rain water from getting into your home
  • Invest in a backflow valve to prevent sewer water from getting into your home
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