Gateway of Hope celebrates new location

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A local women's organization is celebrating their new location in Olathe.

Gateway of Hope is dedicated to helping women through difficult times in life, and now women from all over the metro enjoyed a housewarming on Tuesday for the organization's new place -- which is bigger, has more offices, and a kitchen -- a place women in need can truly call home.

Amy Dickie, who ‪has been coming to Gateway of Hope for five years, said the organization helped her through a difficult time in her life.

‪"I was in a marriage that was really toxic for me, and I was trying to navigate, I had a lot of small children at the time, and I was trying to figure out if I was going to stay, if I was going to leave, what that was going to look like," Dickie said. "It's a safe place if you need help."

‪Dickie said she was a people-pleaser and a perfectionist, and since coming here, she's learned a lot about herself.

‪"I spent a lot of years being somebody who I thought everybody else wanted me to be," Dickie said.

‪Dickie now leads groups herself after finishing her own counseling. She's made friendships with people like herself, and says she's now making a difference in other's lives.

‪"I am out of a very toxic marriage, I advocate for my children, and I've been told I've influenced a lot of women too," Dickie said.

‪Deborah Simon and Dori Tompkins started Gateway of Hope about 10 years ago. The nonprofit is a safe place open to all women all over the Kansas City metro area.

‪Simon said they provide professional counseling, support groups, classes, and prayer.

‪"It's a gathering of women. It's women serving women," Simon said. ‪"We look at the multifaceted needs of women -- body, mind, spirit. ‪We work with a lot of women who are survivors of childhood abuse, physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual abuse."

‪Gateway's mission is to lead women to discover hope, pursue healing, and live in wholeness.