KC Police pursue car until it crashes into semi in KCK

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City, Mo. police pursued a vehicle Tuesday morning at about 10:50 after shots were reportedly fired during the confrontation with the suspects.

Police said the ordeal began when four people attempted to break into a home near 58th and Kenwood. A homeowner pulling out of her driveway reportedly saw a man in her backyard and another man knocking on her front door. The homeowner then called 911.

The pursuit of the vehicle started near 55th and Oak and continued down East 47th Street and Troost, went to 19th and Troost, to Truman and Troost after a reported home burglary in the 5800 block of Kenwood .

Police were reportedly following a red Chevy Monte Carlo at speeds up to 60 mph. At one point the suspect inside of the vehicle fired shots at officers and at least one bullet disabled the Plymouth Voyager that police were in. Other officers were able to continue the chase.

The suspect vehicle then went across the Kansas line where it crashed with a semi and eventually came to a stop at Seventh and Sunshine in the Fairfax area.

Dec. 1 pursuit ended in Fairfax area.

Dec. 1 pursuit ended in Fairfax area.

Three of the four suspects were taken into custody right away. Police called for help to remove the fourth suspect, who was apparently pinned into the vehicle following the crash.

No officers were injured during the shooting. Police say the suspects sustained minor injuries.

Robert Scanlon, who lives near the home the suspects attempted to enter said his neighbor made a smart choice in calling the police.

"Those people have total disregard for other people's lives," Scanlon said. "I think she was really wise not to [approach the suspects]. I think I would probably be foolish and I would confront them which would not be smart when you're dealing with three or four people. I would advise anybody else to do what she did."

When asked about the dangers of chases, Kari Thompson with Kansas City police said, "You are putting the police officers in danger. You are putting yourselves in danger. You are putting innocent people who are driving or walking on sidewalks in danger. You have to be cognizant of other people."

Police say two of the four suspects were treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. So far, no charges have been filed.