KCK carjacking victim says men beat him when he tried to escape

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- An Independence man is counting his blessings after a carjacking that could have cost him his life. On Wednesday night, police recovered his stolen SUV and arrested two suspected carjackers.

The attack happened Monday when Blake Reed, 29, was leaving an apartment complex in Kansas City, Kan., where he was visiting a friend. Three men with handguns surrounded him and forced him into his SUV.

Reed's vehicle crashed at 31st & Walrond Wednesday night and the suspects were arrested.

Reed's vehicle crashed at 31st & Walrond Wednesday night and the suspects were arrested.

Kansas City, Kan. Police spotted the stolen Ford Escape Wednesday night and chased it into Kansas City, Mo., where it crashed near 31st and Walrond. Police arrested two suspected carjackers inside.

Reed says when the thieves forced him into the SUV, he knew he had to fight to stay alive. As the vehicle sped away traveling at about 40 mph, Reed says he managed to unlock a back door and jump out.

"I tried to escape but the door was locked," Reed explained. "They realized I was trying to escape. The guy next to me and the passenger guy started beating me with their pistols. About 8 times. I opened the door, I unlocked the door and immediately jumped out. I don't remember how I jumped out, I just did. Then I ran across the street and banged on a neighbor's door. They called the cops for me."

Reed suffered bruises in the carjacking.

Reed suffered bruises in the carjacking.

Reed suffered some road rash to his back and deep bruises on his elbow. He also suffered cuts and other injuries to his head, but says he's counting his blessings. He's also grateful that two days later police found his car and arrested two suspects, who he calls dangerous men.

Reed says he believes staying calm helped save his life. He says when confronted, you should surrender everything you have that can be replaced, but when the crooks insist on taking you, wanting your life, that's when he had to think differently.

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