Living room littered with wrapping paper after thieves pluck gifts from underneath Christmas tree

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Dozens of homes were turned upside down as burglars moved in on an Overland Park apartment complex. Five of those homes are in the Four Winds apartments where suspects broke locks on doors to get inside.

It’s what you expect to see on Christmas Day; a living room covered in wrapping paper and a family enjoying their gifts, but unfortunately that’s not the way the story goes for this Overland Park family.

“Oh my gosh...I start crying. I feel so sad.”

The family asked FOX 4 to conceal their identity. They came home this evening to their front door lock picked and all of their Christmas presents open.

“Oh it feels really sad...oh my gosh it's all my Christmas presents, for my nephews my niece. My daughters,” the victim told FOX 4's Megan Brilley.

The suspects got away with a PlayStation 4 and games, perfume, coach purses and an engagement ring. Most of it was bought by the hardworking mom of the home, a housekeeper that has been putting in overtime to afford the gifts.

“It broke my heart. I know how hard she works and how tired she is all the time. My mom would do anything for her family. I was heartbroken for her I cried the whole way here,” said a family member.

Police say five apartments were burglarized Wednesday near 81st and Perry street. Families say they not only got away with gifts, but they also took a chunk of their holiday spirit with them, too.

As they sift through empty boxes and wrapping paper, the family says they’re still thankful this holiday because no one was hurt. They say the thieves got away with a lot but they still have each other.

“We don't know why you did what you did, but it's not gonna ruin our Christmas,” said the victim.

Investigators are still working on putting together evidence so they can put out a suspect description. If you were in the area and know something about this, give Overland Park police a call at (913) 895-6300.

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