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Send Christmas greetings with the help of the Kansas City Chiefs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the first time this year, you can get the Kansas City Chiefs to wish your loved ones a merry Christmas. AYO Shout-Outs is  teamed up with several NFL  teams including the Chiefs to offer personalized shoutouts.

They work for birthdays, anniversaries, and other congratulatory events  too. The players also pick which charity they want to send a portion of the proceeds of the profit to. AYO director of marketing Bridget Paulson says most of the player chose to donate it all to charity.

“Fans love it. It’s really a great way for the players to connect with the fans. They get to keep it on the phone. They get to show their friends all the time,” said Paulson.

You can personalize the messages, to say whatever you want. To find out how to get yours click here.