Dazzling lights display draws crowds of all ages to Claycomo home

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CLAYCOMO, Mo. -- Folks can`t help but to pull their cars over a stare when they see one house in Claycomo. That`s exactly what the homeowner wants to them to do. You’ll find the home on the corner of Gunn and Bellaire.

For those who love Christmas, it`s a feast for the eyes.

It`s a display that draws crowds of different ages, but takes many of the grown-ups back to their youth.

"Being a big kid again at heart, and the girls just kind of get that wow atmosphere," said Lesley Platz, who took her two daughters to the home on Tuesday night.

Platz says she hoped to share the joy displays like this made her feel, when she was a kid.

"This is amazing. As a kid growing up we use to go to a house that was in the Parkville area. My dad used to take the girls every year and he retired and he stopped doing it so i`m really thankful that someone local is able to do this," said Platz.

It`s the creation of the home`s owner, Greg Libby. For the past 10 years, he has turned his house into a Christmas wonderland.

"I do it for the kids and I do it because this is what I think Christmas is about," said Libby.

It takes him about a month to get everything ready, and this show doesn`t come together for free. It cost Libby roughly $130 extra on his electric bill each year, but he says it`s worth it to spread so much holiday cheer especially for one family, that previously shared in their letters, they could use a little help.

"That family seemed to be having a really hard time. The kids asked for things like shoes and deodorant, soap," said Libby.

Last year, Libby says he got more than 100 letters from kids who enjoyed the display, and who wanted Santa to write them back. Libby made sure Santa did so. If you want to check out the display, the lights come on between 6 and 10:30, and Santa usually shows up about 7p.m.

You`ll be able to check out this display until the middle of January. Again, the house sits on the corner of Gunn and Bellaire in Claycomo.