Lake of the Ozarks weekend home sliding into the water

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CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. -- A home located on Cub Cove Point began sliding toward the Lake of the Ozarks on Monday, and it moved 33 inches closer by Tuesday afternoon according to FOX 2 in St. Louis.

No one is sure why this is happening, nor are they certain if anything can be done to stop it, as the home moves about one-half inch per hour.

"Unfortunately, the opinion of about everyone involved is the house is lost. Now we have to determine what we are going to do with it," said Mid-County Fire Chief Scott Frandsen.

The homeowners hail from the St. Louis area, but weren't at the home when the movement began. Now the Department of Natural Resources has a geologist studying the situation, and firefighters are monitoring it around the clock.

"The ground is unstable, so we can't bring machines in to try to move it, and we can't secure it to the same ground that is moving, so it's a very unique situation," said Chief Frandsen.

There's also concern for two nearby homes on the same street, but so far neither have shown signs of movement.