Surveillance shows burglar stealing from KC church, taking cash, gifts meant for those in need

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An accused burglar caught on camera stealing from a metro church made off with gifts and cash that were going to be donated to families in need this Christmas.

The break-in happened at Sunlight Missionary Baptist Church on Woodland Avenue in Kansas City, Mo.

SusThiefSurveillance cameras posted in the church’s hallway rolled for nearly an hour as an intruder walked back and forth, busting through doors looking for things to steal.

“I’m just feeling amazed at somebody who would have that kind of boldness to walk into any place, but especially the House of God, with really no fear,” said Pastor Rickey Rambo.

Pastor Rambo said the thief forced his way into several offices and stole Christmas cash collected for the needy, as well as presents for community children whose parents are incarcerated.

“Just really no concern for thinking about somebody else,” Pastor Rambo said of the thief. “Just the selfishness of the matter, really is just astonishing.”

The accused burglar was seen on flipping exterior surveillance cameras upward and stuffing all the stolen items into a trash bin.

SusThief2“This person really needs to find the Lord,” Pastor Rambo said. “He really needs to find Jesus, because he`s already on the wrong path.”

Since the burglary, Pastor Rambo said the congregation has rallied together and replaced the gifts.

“It just goes to show that love will always triumph over evil,” he said.

As for the accused crook, had he just asked, Pastor Rambo would've tried to help him.

“It is our calling and our mandate by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to forgive all who have wronged us, and so we forgive him,” he said. “We would just like to see his life changed around and something good come out of this.”

The church is asking for your help in identifying the man caught on surveillance video. If you recognize him, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.