Vandals slash multiple Blue Springs patrol car tires

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Blue Springs police are working with Jackson County prosecutors regarding felony charges against two people accused of slashing the tires on their patrol cars.

Police say two people slashed the tires on multiple police cars --- resulting in thousands of dollars in damage -- but even worse, putting the public in danger.

"I saw them moving around, and then I heard a noise," witness Gayleen Smith said.

Smith was out walking her dog around five Sunday morning when she says she saw two people dressed in all black hanging around the parking lot around the police cars.

"It became more and more obvious that something was wrong," Smith said.

Smith said she saw them move to different areas of the lot where Blue Springs police often park their patrol cars because their building is currently under construction.

"I got in my car to go let them know what I'd seen, " Smith added.

Detective Sgt. Joe Fanara with Blue Springs Police said officers found six damaged cars with a total of 20 tires slashed.

"With the amount of damage that was done in excess of $3,000, these are felony charges. This is not a prank," Fanara said.

Sgt. Fanara said nothing like this has ever happened before, and that officers rely on their cars to respond to calls for emergencies.

"It slows down our response time," Fanara said. "Limiting our resources in reference to responding to emergency calls puts a hindrance not only on the police department, but the citizens who are calling for police services."

Fanara said they are thankful that Smith was watching because they probably would have had more damage.

"I'm happy that I was able to help them," Smith said. "I wish I could have stopped them in the process of what they were doing. If it's a deterrent to anyone else, in a season that's supposed to be happy and joyful, not to do this to others, I hope that helps."

Sgt. Fanara said they've arrested one suspect. They're still looking for the other.

Police ask if you have any info to call Blue Springs Police or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477).