Boy who got stolen decorations back gives his Christmas money to family that had gifts swiped from car

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A FOX 4 follow-up on two stories we brought you a week ago: One, about inflatable Christmas decorations stolen from an Independence home's front yard. The other, about a car full of presents stolen in front of a Kansas City, Kan., home.

They are two crimes that brought together two unsuspecting families.

Nine-year-old Dallas Countryman says he got a present from Santa, and five from other people. Not only did he get lots of new presents, Dallas got some old ones, too.

You may remember Dallas. He is the Independence boy whose inflatable Christmas decorations were stolen two days before Christmas. After our story, a FOX 4 viewer noticed Dallas' blow-up decorations in her neighbor’s yard, called police, and Dallas got his stuff back.

That same day, FOX 4 also did a story about the Fernandez family, whose car was stolen with all of their Christmas presents in the trunk.

After their presents disappeared, the four Fernandez children were not concerned about the stolen presents, according to their mother Ivonne Fernandez.

“The kids were telling me, 'mom, why are you so worried about it? Santa takes care of the gifts,'” she said.

While Santa was not prepared to replace the gifts, there was one little elf who just couldn't stop thinking about the Fernandez family.

"I got my blow-ups back, but they didn`t get their car and presents back,” said Dallas.

So, when Dallas got $50 for Christmas, he decided to give that money to the Fernandez’s, which took the family by surprise.

“I thought it was an older person or something,” said Ivonne, who got a call from Dallas’ mom saying her son wanted to help.

“So when they came by yesterday,what I see was this little boy. I was like, really? I was amazed to see a little boy with that kind of heart,” she said.

While the money will not replace all of the stolen gifts, Dallas’s generosity gives the Fernandez family hope.