Skiers, snowboarders welcome eagerly anticipated opening day at Snow Creek

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WESTON, Mo. -- Grab your skiis and snowboard! Just in time for the new year -- Snow Creek is covered in snow!

The attraction in the River Bluffs of Platte County opened its doors at 9 a.m. on Thursday, and visitors have been eagerly awaiting opening day.

"We`ve been waiting for the opening, the kids are pretty excited today," said Darcie Marinchek, a Snow Creek patron.

"We have our soft opening around December 18th, so we`re a little behind, but last Tuesday was the first day of winter, so we`re right where we need to be for our 30th season," said Darin Pond, with guest services for Snow Creek.

Pond said they received phone calls and emails from people anticipating the opening.

"We`ve been checking Facebook daily, and the website daily... we went skiing up in South Dakota over Christmas break once and it was their opening day too, so it worked out pretty good," added Marinchek.

Despite the warm weather up until recently, Snow Creek is finally able to open its doors.

"We`re able to cheat Mother Nature a little bit with our 66 snow guns... as you can see plenty of snow out now," Pond said.

It's the only place in the area to ski, and many families travel long distances to hit the slopes.

"I tried to hit my first rail today up here, but I epically failed," said 11-year-old Hudson Benjamin.

The Benjamin family drove three hours to hit the slopes. They're taking a New Mexico ski trip in February.

"We train for the winter here, because normally every winter we going on a family snow boarding trip every year," Hudson said.

"We`re coming here to practice, I think it`s pretty big and I'm happy to be here," said Hudson's younger brother Lochlan.

Others say they love to ski, and thought it would be a good New Year's Eve activity.

"I like that it`s close, I like that it has more than one lift, it generally isn't overly busy so we don`t have to wait too long," said Marinchek.

And many feel Snow Creek is perfect for any level.

"It`s Missouri, so you get what you get when you think of Missouri, my friends in Colorado all laugh at me, and i say it`s really not that bad...obviously it`s shorter runs, but it`s still pretty good, you can still find a lot of different terrain and variety," Marinchek said.

For more information about Snow Creek, click on this link.