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1998 Powerball winners talk about life after hitting the jackpot

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Although the odds are against them, hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to buy Powerball tickets.

Dewey Diggs, one of 44 coworkers at the Independence Power & Light department, shared a $5.4 million Powerball jackpot. Diggs recalled the fateful day he bought that ticket in May of 1998.

"One day, a group of individuals said, 'hey, get in on the Powerball with us' and I was reluctant, and then was like, 'Eh, what the heck, I'll try it one time,'" Diggs recalled.

Diggs said after he gave his money, he pretty much forgot about it. A few days later, he got the big news.

"One of my co-workers came up and said, 'guess what, we just just won the Powerball,'" Diggs said. "And I was like, 'Really? Come on.'"

Jack Gross and his wife Sherry were also winners that day. They worked together and each bought their own individual tickets.

"Nobody believed it, of course," Jack laughed.

"People were just coming up whistling and screaming and hollering," Sherry said. Since they both chipped in for a ticket, they each won their own share, which ended up totaling $83,223 after taxes.

"It wasn't lots of money, but it was a lot of money to us," Sherry said.

Diggs bought some property, paid off his debts, bought a few nice vehicles, and had some fun he said.

"Had a little bit of fun. You got to have fun with that money," Diggs said.

"I started a daycare at my church for a memorial for a child we lost," Sherry said. "We helped our family members, all of them. And we took everybody to Disney World."

Although the odds are stacked against you in the current Powerball, these workers are proof that you might just get lucky.

"More than lucky. FeelĀ blessed," Sherry said. "But lightning can strike twice so I hope we can win again."

"Who thinks that they're going to win, really?" Diggs said. "But if you play, you may be the one that wins."

Your odds of winning are pretty bad, like 1 in 300 million bad, but you never know. You might be the one.