Family finds stolen car, but missing keys leave them nervous of repeat crime

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- A Blue Springs family is worried they'll become the victims of a crime – not once, but twice after someone stole their car right out of their driveway.

They've since found their car, which was abandoned by the people who took it; but the accused crooks still have a set of their keys, giving the criminals access to their office, home and cars.

The auto theft happened during early morning hours in the 500 block of SE Silver Lane.

“I go outside and start the car up like I do every morning before I go to work,” said Josh Juarez, “and about not even a minute later, I walk through the door and I hear the truck rev up.”

Juarez then saw someone backing his SUV out of his driveway.

“It was kind of shock at the moment,” he recalled. “It all seemed surreal when it was all going down, so I just took off running. My first instinct was to chase them.”

His car was gone, but not for long. After canvassing the neighborhood, Juarez’s family found their SUV in the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex.

“They just abandoned it,” Juarez said of the thieves. “It looked like they were trying to get my rims off the vehicle, which they would’ve been there all night because it`s got a lock on it.”

But still missing is his keychain, loaded with keys to his office, house and two cars.

“Any time you leave the house, you`re vulnerable, the house is vulnerable,” Juarez said. “So it kind of makes me sick to my stomach to think one day I could come home and everything in my house could be gone.”

He continued, “So it`s pretty nerve-racking, and right now we don`t have the funds to get our keys changed because you have to change the whole ignition.”

For now, he's got a temporary fix with a club steering wheel lock. He’s also since changed the locks on his rental house himself.

But his wife, Chelsey, still worries.

“It scares me,” she said. “Like how long have they been hanging out around our house? Was this a coincidence or was this someone who has been watching my family leave, knows our routine? It`s so disturbing.”

It’s a crime that’s left them wondering who these people are and if they'll come back.
“Just knowing they could be here at any time,” Chelsey said, “you just never know, and it`s really scary.”

Juarez described one of the suspects as a white man, about 6 feet tall, in his early 30's with a little bit of facial hair. The day of the auto theft, he was wearing tan pants, a black jacket and a red beanie.

Juarez described the other getaway car is described as a silver two-door hatchback with an unknown make and model. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.