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MoDOT claims they have enough funds to maintain roads for at least 5 years

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Missouri Department of Transportation recently said that cheap gas is bringing in more money to maintain roads and bridges falling into disrepair, which is great news for an agency that recently predicted disaster for our aging roadways.

With gas prices so low, more people are driving and filling up their gas tank, and the more gas that is sold, the more tax revenue the state receives.

A new transportation bill is also expected bring more federal funds into Missouri.  MoDOT says it now has enough money to maintain highways and bridges for at least the next five years, which comes as a huge relief considering just a couple weeks ago, MoDOT didn’t think it would have enough money to maintain most of the state’s roadways starting next year.

The question now is, will this good news keep lawmakers from raising the gas tax?

Missouri has the fifth cheapest gas tax in the nation at 17-cents a gallon. Last week, Gov. Jay Nixon said he wanted to raise the state gas tax by one and a half cents a gallon to give MoDOT more money. But with analysts predicting low gas prices throughout 2016 year, gas sales and tax revenue should stay high.