Task force aimed at reducing violent crime in metro to meet for first time

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --A citizens’ task force on violence will meet for the first time Tuesday.

Mayor Sly James established the task force to address ways to reduce violent crime.

The Citizens’ Task Force on Violence will meet once a month through October 16th.

Their mission is to gather information about ways to prevent and address violence, and the public will be invited to participate.

The mission to reduce violence includes domestic violence, active shooter situations, street crime and illegal weapons.

The task force, which was announced in November, includes a diverse group of people, from lawmakers, to a librarian to an artist.

Councilwoman Jolie Justus is the task force chair and says during the first meeting members will make an outline of their action plan and how they plan to include any Kansas Citian who is interested.

The task force meets Tuesday at 6 p.m. near 17th and Paseo.