KC boutique adjusts sports-theme practices to avoid another federal raid

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Chiefs fans are wearing their team pride hoping to cheer Kansas City to a 12th straight win this Saturday. Playoff hysteria means an increase in counterfeit merchandise, and that has law enforcement agencies stepping up their games.

One local boutique made changes to its sports-themed underwear to avoid being penalized again. In the past two years during the World Series, federal agents seized dozens of phony tickets and unlicensed merchandise, including a panty raid.

“They came in, took the panties in their evidence bag and kind of left and everyone was so distraught," said Jacque Vaughan with Birdies in the Crossroads District.

The boutique was one of the stores feds targeted in a series of raids in 2014.

It cost the boutiques thousands of dollars. Vaughan says the underwear were confiscated all because the placement of the letters 'k' and 'c'.

"Because we connected the k, and c in the printed panties it was copyright infringement so it was breaking laws. Fortunately they just confiscated them. I think they could have gone a little further so we kind of lucked out,” said Vaughn.

The boutique has since changed its practices to make sure their Chiefs briefs aren't in violation. They're doing it by making panties out of t-shirts.

"When they sell the T-shirt they`re getting their money. So as long as they get their money they`re happy, and what you do with the T-shirt after you pay for it is kind of your own right,” said Vaughan.

She says the sports themed undies are popular with customers.

"They're like, 'oh my husband and his favorite T-shirt. I've been wanting to find a reason to throw it out so I'll make it into some panties.' So both parties are happy,” said Vaughan.

Birdies makes some of the underwear out of shirts they buy, or ones you bring in.

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