7 Day Homes Tour in KC to run again in February following successful debut

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The "7 Day Homes Tour" is coming back to Kansas City; a new concept that lets KC-area homeowners put their houses on the market for just one week -- bypassing lengthy contracts and long-time commitments.

The tour is the brainchild of three local real estate agents and debuted this summer as a way to shake up the real estate market.

It allowed a KC couple to sell their house in Waldo in just a few days, and freed them up to buy their dream house on the Westside.

Real estate agent Drew Gilmore said they noticed there are tons of buyers, but not enough inventory across Kansas City, partly because people don't realize how much their house is really worth - or don't want to deal with the hassle of trying to sell it over a period of months.

His tour aims to change that mentality.

“We call it speed dating for real estate. There`s really, there`s no risk. We`re going to put your house on the market, we`re going to make it look as cute as we can, we`re going to get a ton of people through the house in seven days,” Gilmore explained.

“If we sell it, amazing, awesome, congratulations! If for some reason we don`t sell it, then you didn`t lose anything. It`s only a seven-day commitment.”

Seller Lonnie Laub lauded the tour as a success.

“It was the pricing, and also the fact that we were committed for seven days. It wasn`t going to be if it didn`t sell, we weren`t going to be tied to keeping the house clean for months on end,” Laub said.

Gilmore said during the first tour, they sold 80 percent of the houses they listed in seven days, and had several more sell the following week.

The next tour kicks off next month - running from February 26th until March 4th. For more information, click on this link.

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