Assault of KC cab driver being investigated amid disturbing trend of similar crimes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City cab driver was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint by a group of passengers early Friday morning – marking the seventh time in the past two-and-a-half weeks that a cabbie has been targeted in the city.

Detectives have been tracking the crime trend closely and are investigating whether the same three men might be responsible for the robberies.

“There are dangers all around us,” said cab driver Louie Garcia of Louie’s Transportation Service. “Of course it`s in the back of my mind. I would hate to be in that situation.”

The latest armed robbery happened around 2:30 a.m. Friday on the city’s East Side near 23rd and Monroe.

Police said a Yellow Cab driver, who declined an interview with FOX 4, had picked up three male passengers who soon revealed they had handguns and a knife.

The men demanded the driver hand over cash, but when he refused, police said the robbers hit him in the head with a gun and held a knife to his throat. A scuffle ensued, with one of the suspects cutting the driver on his neck and hand.

That's when police patrolling nearby saw what was happening and intervened. The robbers ran, but police soon found two of them hiding under a porch a few blocks down and arrested them. A third man was never located.

“It`s terrible,” Garcia said of Friday’s violent robbery. “My heart goes out to [the victim], what they`re having to experience while trying to earn an honest living and just provide for their families. And I just think that if you`re going to be that low to attack someone like that, you`re just a pathetic person.”

As for Garcia, he plans to be more alert but refuses to live in fear.

“Every time I get behind this wheel,” he said, “I`m praying, and seeking the Lord and I know I`m protected. I just pity the person that does try to come against me physically because they’re going to have the toughest tangle ever in their life.”

Detectives told FOX 4 they’ve submitted their case to the prosecutor’s office and they expect criminal charges to be filed soon against the two men they arrested.

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