Business owners, police say Brookside armed robberies are out of the ordinary

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There's some concern violent crime may be creeping into Kansas City's Brookside neighborhood. Police say three women were robbed at gunpoint last weekend after leaving a bar near 63rd and Main Street.

But police and business owners say the narrative of increased crime in their area isn't new, and isn't true.

"That`s a very rare occurrence down here to having something like that," said Forbes Cross, the owner of Michael Forbes Bar & Grille in Brookside.

Cross says it's generally a safe neighborhood, and hearing about the recent armed robberies doesn't make him feel any less safe.

"Oh, anytime it concerns you, sure, but things are going to happen... you could be on the Plaza, you could be in Hallbrook," Cross added.

Last Friday night around 11:30 -- three victims were leaving a local bar when two people held them up at gunpoint. Some of them had their belongings stolen.

Although they wanted to remain anonymous, one victim did give FOX 4 this statement:

"It was a horrifying experience. There was no way we could have foreseen and avoided this situation on our end. No one has the right to make you feel like you are going to get shot, die and leave your children and family behind; especially for such an asinine reason. Our possessions were not worth anything, phones and credit cards get deactivated and I don't know anyone who carries any amount of cash anymore."

Cross says you might hear of shoplifting or things like that, but armed robbery not so much.

"This is a great neighborhood, very strong, it`s always going to be a good neighborhood, and you`re always going to have some problems, I don`t care where you live," added Cross.

Brookside's Business Association holds monthly meetings where the police department comes in and reports the monthly crime stats in the area.

"It`s an opportunity for our business associations, neighborhood associations, and anybody that`s interested to come in and hear about what activities have taken place, and talk about preventative measures, tips," said Sean Ackerson, the executive director of the Southtown Council, which provides services for the Brookside Community Improvement District (CID).

Despite the recent armed robberies they say they aren't seeing any unusual trends.

"Any time there`s a crime in the neighborhood it`s a concern, it`s certainly not the news we look forward to getting," Ackerson said. "Certainly those are unfortunate, but we don`t think they characterize the district."

According to police -- there was also armed robbery at the 7-Eleven at 63rd and Oak last weekend.

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