Think it’s impossible to save money? Try one of these apps!

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Saving money isn’t always easy, but these apps are trying to make the process painless.

Digit connect your checking account and monitors your spending. When sees an opportunity to save a few bucks, it will transfer that money away. It's like putting your savings on auto-pilot. Digit is so confident in its artificial savings intelligence that they will pay any fees if they overdraft your account.

Stash lets you become an investor for as little as $5.  The app lets you purchase fractional shares of over 30 exchange traded funds with easy to understand names like "Clean and Green" and "Internet Titans." Stash charges $1 per month or a little more if you keep a lot of money in your account.

Acorns helps you invest spare change. The app connects to one of your everyday spending accounts - like a credit card - and then rounds up transactions to the nearest dollar so you can invest the difference. Acorns is fee-free if you're a student or under 24 years old, otherwise it's $1 a month.

All of these apps let you withdraw your money at any time but keep in mind if you are investing your balance can go up, or down, so do your homework before you take the plunge!

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