Woman in hospice care cheers on Chiefs from P&L district

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As fans piled into the Power and Light district, they all had a wish, but none quite as big as one very loyal lifelong Chiefs fan.

"It's a dream come true."

She's been a Chiefs fan for more than 80 years and though life has taken her through many obstacles and changes one thing has stayed tried and true.

"I love the chiefs!"

A self proclaimed sports nut, Bettye Conrad has always turned to the Chiefs for comfort. She's now in hospice care and doesn't know how long she has left so when Crossroads Hospice asked her if tomorrow were her last day, how would she want to spend it?

For Bettye, the answer was simple.

"This only happens once in a lifetime," Conrad said.

Her wish was to simply watch her boys take on the Patriots with her family and friends and be around fans just like her.

"Being a little farm gal for many years, living on a farm, this really feels uptown. I really made it," Conrad said.

"It means a lot...it means, forgetting for a day what lies ahead for you," Carriage Hospice employee Toi Hunt-Beechner said.

And even though her Chiefs lost, she wants to give them a message. Her motto, something she hopes everyone can hold onto.

"Give it all you got. Never let down. Keep going. Reach for the sky."