Cold weather prompts local residents to lace up the skates on Ward Pkwy

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When the temperatures dip and the water freezes over, a fountain off Ward Parkway turns into an ice rink.

Even though there’s a clear sign calling it "unsafe for ice skating," those words aren’t going to stop neighbors looking to break out their skates.

“A lot of my friends have parents that actually grew up skating on this ice. It’s a Kansas City tradition for a long time now,” Baker Stradinger said.

They've cleared the snow half way down the fountain anticipating a pretty big game of pick-up hockey.

Even though they know the ice might give any minute, they said they're not worried because it's just water.

“It’s not too deep. If you get wet, you get wet and come back another day,” Will Kosc said.

Despite all the possible dangers and warning signs, winter and ice hockey on Ward Parkway seem to go hand-in-hand.

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