Police urge vigilance on the heels of another strong-armed robbery in Westport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Roughed up and robbed – one man says two guys followed him home and stole his stuff after a night of bar-hopping in Westport.

It's just one in a string of strong-armed robberies reportedly plaguing the entertainment district recently, and as the weekend approaches, police want bar-goers to be more alert.

Alex Anderson told FOX 4 a few days ago, he was living it up in Westport. He was throwing back drinks with friends and having a good time before walking home just a few blocks away when the bars closed for the night.

Little did he know, he was being followed back to his apartment complex.

“Got to my door and noticed the guys behind me,” Anderson said, “and they rushed me, grabbed my arms and held me against my door while I was yelling at my roommate and kicking the door to let me in.”

Two strangers began searching his pockets, while Anderson braced for the worst.

“[I thought] that I was going to get injured,” he said. “Something bad was going to happen to me, stabbed, shot, I’m not sure.”

But after they got what they wanted (his phone and wallet), the thieves took off and Anderson was left feeling, “angry, frustrated, I had never been through something like that before.”

His strong-armed robbery is just one in a recent string of others where police say two to three men patrol the bar scene from midnight to 3 a.m. looking for victims and sometimes asking people to use their cell phone before taking off with it.

“It`s scary to think that someone can seem so friendly but have bad intentions,” said Luigi Cruz, who frequents the Westport bars.

With no arrests, police are now urging bar-goers to be more alert –advising them to travel in groups, avoid overdrinking and consider catching a ride home, rather than walking late at night.

“I think it`s a very scary subject,” said Kevin Gonzalez, “and I think you should come here with friends.”

As for Anderson, he's working on replacing his stolen stuff, and he's got some advice for those who took it.

“They just need to get a job apparently,” he said. “They need something better to do with their lives than going around mugging people. That`s not a way to conduct business.”

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