Two carjacking suspects in custody after police chase through KCK

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A police chase just after rush hour on Friday morning wound around several streets in KCK, but it is what led up to the chase that has police scrambling to put the pieces together.

Three cars were trashed, there were multiple armed robbery victims, and an eventual police chase ended with two men in custody.

"He was in here, and he come running back in saying somebody just stole my car and it went that way," said Mona Laws, who works at the Conoco at the corner of Kaw Drive and Kansas Avenue, where the last carjacking took place.

Laws said a man walking out of the store, going to his car was approached by two men who jumped in his car, pulled a gun and took off. The encounter was caught on the store's surveillance camera.

This carjacking was near the end of a theft spree that started in Kansas City, Mo., Friday morning. Police say the driver of a stolen car from there went off the road at I-70 and 38th Street, near a construction site. The suspects went looking for a new ride and didn’t have to go far.

"They wrecked a vehicle close to here, a couple individuals and came down to the job site and stole one of our vehicles and held a couple of our guys at gunpoint,” said Bob Fry with Clarkson Construction.

Fry explained that a construction crew was working to repair the I-70 bridge over Kaw Drive. Two of the construction guys were getting tools out of a shed when they came face-to-face with suspects holding a gun. The robbers stole the workers' wallets, then the suspects took off in a white pick-up truck owned by Clarkson Construction.

"I tell you what, it is pretty scary," said Fry. "They are tough group of guys to be holding up, so, I’m glad nothing happened to them.”

Police say the suspects drove the pick-up down Kaw Drive to Kansas Avenue and smashed into a semi right outside the Conoco station. That’s when the man at the Conoco became the suspects’ last victim.

After they stole the last car, police say one suspect was found up the street from the Conoco at a nearby apartment complex. The other suspect took police on a chase that ended off of I-70 on 5th Street when police threw down stop sticks.

The two men in custody have not been charged, but when police sort all of this out, they are expected to be slapped with a long list of charges.

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