Joe’s Weather Blog: A bit of rain…BIG warm-up ahead (SUN-1/24)

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Good afternoon…after almost a full week with sub freezing temperatures in KC…we finally cracked 32° at 10AM this morning…as I type this we’re into the 40s! Cooler weather is returning for a couple of days…then we’re off to the races into next Saturday!


Tonight: Variable clouds and not as cold as the last week of nights…lows in the 30s

Monday: Cloudy with off and on rain showers/patches of drizzle. Highs in the upper 30s…perhaps a few degrees cooler in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy and seasonable with highs near 32-35°


Well I guess we’ll start with the big dig back east. 1-3 feet+ of snow fell from the Blizzard of 2016. Impressive in so many different ways. From space two perspectives…1) the snow that was laid down from the storm…



notice that hard cutoff about 100 miles north of NYC…to nothing.

Here is another look from the International Space Station, which snapped a picture just as one of the lightning flashes occurred with the thundersnow they had as well.

In terms of actual numbers…here is how the storm performed.

Records were set in many areas, for either the most snow in 1 day, the most on 1/23, or the most from any one storm.

Odds are IF you didn’t get a record snow…you were in the top 5 at least.

It was an all-out blizzard though for some areas…especially in the NYC area.

Finally more totals and another map.

The jackpot winner though was Mt Mitchell, NC….66″ of snow including 41″ yesterday!

Back home into KC…

We have lots of filtered sunshine and as expected highs today will be in the mid 40s for many…some a few degrees warmer.

The system tomorrow is weak and the front not all that strong… Rain showers are likely, with maybe a few snowflakes on the back side…no accumulations here in the metro.

The big story as I talked about on the air…is a dramatic warm-up for later in the week. We’ll start coming out of the cold on Wednesday…jump into the 50s on Thursday and then soar into the 60s I think on Friday at least. There will be a weak front nearby on Saturday, but IF it stays to the north, we’ll probably be in the 60s again on Saturday. How’s that for a nice taste of spring.

As of yesterday we’re running 2.2° below average for the we’re going to make a warm run to finish off the month of January. Obviously there will be the usual cloud and wind concerns when attempting to get to those lofty levels but the air in the lower part of the atmosphere certainly seems warm enough to make that run should other parameters fall into place. Last Thursday (the 14th) when we got to 60°+ we had temperatures above the surface at +11C and +9C. We’re forecasted to have similar numbers above the surface this time as well…maybe a pinch warmer. I’ve got 65°/64° in the forecast for now for FRI/SAT…I may tweak those down a couple of degrees but I like those numbers certainly for downtown KC…maybe KCI will be a notch or two cooler…maybe.

So enjoy what’s coming down the pike. The month of February may be a wild and wooley month overall. Let’s watch for a storm early in the month…data lately has shown mostly rain from this…but it bears watching.

My feeling is that the month will be chillier than average as a whole…there will be storm threats and just like the eastern part of the country that went from practically nothing to everything and then-some…things here can change in one storm when it comes to snowfall totals. Snow lovers…don’t give up the ghost yet…although I start looking for the towel by about the 3rd week of February usually. I really see indications that it could be an interesting month.

Have a great week. I may take a day off or two this week from the blog since I’ve been posting so much this month. We’ll see.








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  • Amae

    Thanks Joe !
    Models aside, what does your gut tell you about us squeaking out a big snow this year ?
    I think you predicted 14″ ….correct ? Do you think we will reach that, and will it be several events, or maybe one or two bigger ones…or no more measurable snows this year. . ?

    • Joe Lauria

      AMAE: we’re still going to have some shots at this winter…just not for about the next 7+ days. I actually went 18″. I was the high one (shocking). The team was in general 13-18″ or so for the winter. I like where we are as a team…but we’re going to need February to give us something a bit more noteworthy. Have a great day! JL

      • Amae

        Thanks Joe !
        Fingers crossed :) I do like snow.
        But I really don’t want what just hit the east coast….not all at once like that !! Fun for a day, fun for kids, but not fun for the ones who have the job of digging out !

  • Jason

    Joe, why does KC seem to always miss out on the big snows? Western Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Northern KS/MO all seem to get more snow. It’s like they always skip around us or get shut off when they get here. Does our geographic location play a part in it?