Lawrence pet shop reopens months after fire

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LAWRENCE, Kan. – A well-loved Lawrence pet shop has reopened its doors after an electrical fire destroyed much of the building back in May. Many animals died in the fire at Pet World, but this weekend it was all smiles at the store’s reopening.

“We’ve all learned very valuable and painful lessons on fire safety,” said the store’s co-owner, Sherry Emerson.

Hundreds of customers came to the new shop over the weekend to give the owners a warm welcome home.

Emerson said she and her husband have made big changes in safety since the fire.

“We have monitored smoke detection, landline, it’s also over the internet like Wi-Fi,” she told FOX 4.

She said the pet store now has a sprinkler system in place.

Over the past eight months many employees have fostered the animals while the shop was being rebuilt. Emerson said it’s nice to have all of the pets back together at one location.

She said not all of the exhibits are complete but will be in the coming weeks.