Day two for social media threat against Raytown High School

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RAYTOWN, Mo. — For the second day in a row, the Raytown School District is working with Raytown Police about another threat made against the school via social media.

On Monday, school districts in Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Arizona, and two schools in the KC metro, including Raytown and Ruskin, called in extra police after a threatening social media post circulated.

The post on Monday said: “Rhs shootout, don’t come to school on Monday, January 25.” The social media message said anyone who walked into the building was a dead man walking.

Raytown officials decided to call a lockdown, and while classes continued as normal, no one was allowed in the building. Administrators at Ruskin High School say they received the same threat, but deemed it not credible and school activities continued as usual.


The Raytown Police Department says investigators are trying to find the computer IP address from which the threat was sent.  District officials speculated that the threat may have come from Alabama, where there’s a Robertsdale High School.

“We believe the similarity of the initials of the schools may have further confused the threat,” said Cathy Allie, Director of Communications and Community Relations at Raytown School District.

Brafford adds that the threats were received via Instagram and text messages.

The Raytown School District confirmed that once again on Tuesday, they and other places across the country received threats again.

“We have shared the information with families via our phone messaging system,” said Cathy Allie, Director of Communications and Community Relations at Raytown School District.


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