Audacious thieves smash their way into KC store, grabbing anything in sight

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Brazen burglars were caught on camera as they smashed through a glass door and went on a criminal shopping spree inside a metro store.

The two thieves grabbed whatever they could carry as they cleaned out several shelves of merchandise at Next Point Mobile and Repair shop on E. 85th Street in South Kansas City, Mo.

The shop sells everything from cell phones, to clothing and accessories, and had only been open for business about eight months before it was targeted by criminals.

All was quiet at the shop during overnight hours, until one guy tried to force his way in with a crowbar. After failing the first time, he came back again.

But when the crowbar didn’t do the trick, all bets were off as the intruder threw a large rock through the front door, shattering glass and giving him and his accomplice a way inside.

The security alarm was blaring, but the two thieves don't flinch as they stay focused on their five-finger discount.

“I just could not believe it,” said shop owner Foday Hydara. “I just couldn't believe that at 3 in the morning, somebody would come into store and do this. I feel bad. It feels like I have to start all over and yeah, it's tough.”

Hydara has since cleaned up the broken glass, replaced the door and assessed the stolen merchandise.

“Jeans back there, purses, some cases over here – whatever they could get,” he said of the missing items.

Surveillance video shows the crooks busting through display cases, and even toting an entire glass case out the door.

“It looks like they've been doing it for so long!” Hydara observed, “because they weren't hesitant at all.”

The duo eventually packed everything into their getaway car and were long gone before police arrived.

“I was mad and I’m still mad,” Hydara said, “but what could I do? What else can I do?”

Hydara said it's shocking that his surveillance system didn't deter the thieves, and said their bold behavior makes him uneasy.

“I'm glad I wasn't here,” he said. “I could lose my life. I could be gone.”

Counting his blessings, he's now offering those responsible some advice:

“Just quit [crime],” he said. “It`s not an honest living. It`s not at all, so work hard. You`ll get your reward.”

Hydara said he's still figuring out the value of everything stolen, but said the damages to his shop are in the thousands.

He's now asking for your help in catching the bad guys, so if you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.