Family of man shot to death at Capital Inn says he was in wrong place at wrong time

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. – Members of a metro family are angry in their grief.

They demand to know why their loved one was shot dead in a South Kansas City motel. Family members identify that man, found dead in that hotel hallway as Charles Anthony Bolton, Jr., 39. Police say he died very early this morning in the Capital Center Inn just off I-435 and 87th Street.

“I don’t care. He didn’t deserve to be shot down like that,” LaRonica Birmingham, Bolton’s sister, said.

“Charlie,” as he was known to his loved ones, leaves a grieving family, who say their loved one was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was around 2 a.m. when police were called to that motel, where officers say they found Bolton’s body lying in the doorway of one of the rooms, having been shot.

“The way he died really bothered me — the fact that someone just shot him in the head and didn’t really think about his family or his children,” LaRonica Birmingham told FOX 4 News.

“Even though he had some indiscretions, he was a warm-hearted person. He was funny and he was loving.”

The family says Bolton was employed as a stocker in a retail store. LaRonica Birmingham says her brother resided in Kansas with mutual relatives, and was visiting a friend at the motel.

Bolton’s father, Pastor Ron Birmingham, says he can’t believe one of his seven children has been taken this way.

“This is a very devastating time for us,” Pastor Birmingham said. “We’re all hurting. The family is devastated. They don’t have an older brother no more.”

“(Charlie is) like so many young men that aren’t using wisdom on who he hangs around. Your associations are very important. If you hang around the wrong people, you’re going to reap that whirlwind.”

The Birmingham family says Charles Bolton leaves behind four children, one as young as five years old. If you have information regarding this murder that could help police solve this crime, please contact KCPD Headquarters.

FOX 4 News also spoke with Natish Kumar, one of the managers at the Capital Center Inn. He says he’s upset over what happened, and his business is making changes to keep guests safer.