Fox Sports blog about Royals causes fan outrage, then disappears from site

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

On Friday, Fox Sports published an article entitled ‘Royals are one of the worst AL teams to win World Series since 2000’.

It had no by-line.  The blog’s author remained anonymous so no one could specifically respond to the statement with a counter argument.

That disturbed more than a few people.

Friday morning, FOX 4’s Nick Vasos saw the blog and shared it on his Facebook page and people quickly responded. However, a short time later some reported that they couldn’t read the link he shared.  The link was no longer working, as you can see the ‘Page Not Found’ screenshot above.

Many Royals fans were already sour over Fox Sports and Fox announcer Joe Buck.  They criticized Buck for ‘impartial coverage’ of the Royals.  Buck stood by his coverage and after their World Series victory said: “I can make the case that this is the best team I’ve covered in 18 years.”

People sounded off on Vasos’ Facebook post. Later he posted an update from Deadspin on what he called the ‘gutless blog.’ (How do you really feel, Nick?)

Deadspin had a screenshot of the article in its entirety. The article provided very little evidence to support its theory. Royals fans awaited an apology.

FOX 4 sports reporter Jason Lamb says the Royals won the World Series without a lineup full of sluggers. They did it with defense, speed and good pitching.  He says, “It’s probably boring to some because they didn’t have a lineup full of sluggers.”

“But I think you’ll see other teams change their philosophies to mirror what the Royals did and are doing,” Lamb said. “And who cares what anyone says. They can’t take a World Series away.”