Firefighters rescue teen who fell through ice on Independence lake

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- There were plenty of heart-racing moments as metro families witnessed an ice rescue at an Independence lake on Sunday and the terrifying moments were all caught on camera.

Firefighters said a 16-year-old boy was walking on the iced-over lake with a friend when it started to crack underneath him. The teen fell in and was trapped for nearly an hour.

A 13-year-old was enjoying a warm weather day with this dad near the lake, when they saw the harrowing ordeal.

They couldn’t take their eyes off of a terrifying ice rescue, unfolding right in front of them.

Caden Hicks was in the area with his dad when they heard sirens and screams. He pulled out his phone and started to record.

“They kept yelling pull pull!” Hicks said.

Dozens watched as one-by-one firefighters crawled out onto the ice, each falling through.

“I thought they were going to have to have everybody go out there and help him.”

Firefighters said the teen walked out onto the ice with a friend, underestimating how thin the ice was. Within seconds, the ice cracked and he was trapped.

“He wasn't moving at all. He was sitting there holding onto the ice trying not to move,” Hicks said.

With a hard pull, firefighters got the teen out and over to safety. Onlookers cheered, and Hicks and his dad exhaled at the happy ending.

“I was relieved and happy that he survived,” Hicks said.

Firefighters said the teen had hypothermic injuries but is expected to be okay.

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