Iconic Salvy moment captured on Royals’ newest billboard

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The 2016 Kansas City Royals campaign slogan was revealed Monday on a billboard that features the 2015 World Series MVP, catcher Salvador Perez, doing what he loves to do after every big Royals win.

Here’s a sneak peek at the billboard that features the World Series Champions logo as well as the phrase, “Forever Royal.”

Salvador Perez is the new face featured on the latest Kansas City Royals billboard.

Salvador Perez is the new face featured on the latest Kansas City Royals billboard.

The ‘Forever Royal’ campaign continues from the successful 2015 season, but this year’s campaign will have an updated approach, according to the Royals.

“Last season, the team and the fans showed us what it means to be Forever Royal,” said Michael Bucek, Royals Vice President-Marketing and Business Development in a news release. “The players excelled.  Fans packed the ballpark.  TV ratings skyrocketed.  Social media exploded with great stories about our players and fans.  Forever Royal was more than just a tagline, it became our fans’ statement representing their devotion to this team.”

The new look comes in part from the Walz Tetrick ad agency, which revealed the campaign on the billboard that can be seen on southbound Southwest Trafficway at Westport Road.

The billboard shows Salvy with a gigantic, 3-dimensional orange cooler.

“Every fan deserves a Salvy Splash,” Bucek said of the billboard.

Fans are invited to park in the Westport area and walk to the billboard location to pose for a selfie. Then, they can enter to win a World Series Prize Pack by posting the photo on Twitter or Instagram using the #SalvySplash hashtag.

The Royals will give away one prize pack per week.

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