Family displeased that home is in disrepair despite paying hundreds to contractors

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – They say their house isn’t whole. Members of an east Kansas City family say they've paid two contractors to help repair their home, but the work was poorly done.

All three people living in Charlotte Ford’s home off 75th Street have a disability, and say they want their money back for contracting work that wasn’t up to snuff.

Ford, who has owned the home in question for 15 years, says a contractor did $1,200 in shoddy repair work. She and her husband are both visually impaired. Her mother, who also lives in the home, is an amputee, and uses a wheelchair to get around.

The house’s kitchen floor has a sunken-in area, and doesn’t support traffic well.

“It feels like you're about to fall in the floor,” Ford demonstrated for FOX 4 News.

Ford says the work that contractor did on her kitchen floor makes her feel like she's about to take a tumble.

“I'm blind. I get a little paranoid that it might fall through,” Ford said.

She says that contractor was hired to clean up shoddy work done by another builder, who is now in jail. Ford factors in the work that recent contractor did to a bathroom and a bedroom door, and it adds up to a lot of money. She complains a poorly installed toilet and a bedroom door, which, she says, was installed upside down, have ruined the look of her home.

“You try to give people the benefit of the doubt,” Ford said.

“I try to be trustworthy myself. I want to be done like I'm going to do you. You can't see it. We don't know. I just know it needs fixing.”

To make matters worse, the Fords don't have a receipt. Charlotte says she doesn't even know the contractor's full name, and she paid him cash for the work. She recommends to others not to make those mistakes.

“(The recent contractor) never came back. He never called,” Erma Nevels, Ford’s mother, said. “We have been taken bad care of.”

“It's a price you have to pay. I was willing to pay, and I did, but we didn't get done right,” Ford said.

Ford tells FOX 4 News she's contacted various charitable groups around the city as well as municipal code enforcement bodies, but no one's been able to help. She says she just wants her home to go back to the way it was.

The Fords say they have contacted the contractor, but he's been unwilling to deliver on his promises.

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