Surveillance video from Subway robbery shows employees’ terrifying encounter with gunman

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The demands from a man armed with an assault rifle, caught on camera, are the latest developments in the string of Subway robberies across the metro.

In the past week and a half, at least eight Subways have been robbed.

  • Monday, Jan. 25 - Shawnee, Kansas 7:25pm 10405 W. 75th St
  • Monday, Jan. 25 - Olathe, Kansas 9:26pm 13500 block of South Mur-len Road
  • Tuesday, Jan. 26 - Kansas City, Kansas 7:55pm 3714 State Ave
  • Thursday, Jan. 28 - Kansas City, Missouri (905 Westport Road)
  • Thursday, Jan. 28 - Lee's Summit, Missouri 9:15pm  (800 block of NW Chipman Road)
  • Saturday, Jan. 30 - Belton, Missouri 9:00 p.m.  (1720 E. North Avenue)
  • Monday, Feb. 1 - Kansas City, Missouri 7:37pm (3550 East Truman Road)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3 - Kansas City, Missouri (84th and Wornall Road)

On Monday, a hooded man carrying an assault rifle busted into the Subway Restaurant off East Truman and Askew at about 7 p.m. Employees said he first asked to use the bathroom, then unzipped his hoodie to reveal an assault rifle. Surveillance video provided to FOX 4 showed the gunman then jump over the counter and force the two workers onto the floor. He stole bills from the register and a cash drawer, left behind the coins, and made off with more than $600.

One of the victims said, "He just unzips his coat, pulls out a gun, tells him he's not playing around, jumps over the counter then starts robbing the place."

The worker didn't want his face on TV but was willing to talk about what happened Monday night.

"He jumps over the counter then goes back to where I am. Then he points a gun at me and tells me to get on the ground," the worker said.

The video shows that employee pressed flat onto the tile, while the gunman yelled orders at the other worker, "Open it up. Open it up."

"He had him by the arm, moving him around, telling him to get into the back, stay on the ground," the worker recalled.

Owner Max Solomon said he could care less about the money that was taken.

"It's crazy. I've never seen something like that in my life," Solomon said.

He said he'd seen the headlines and knew that Subway robberies were happening around town. But he also said he never thought about it happening at his own restaurant.

Disgusted, Solomon said, "And after us, it happened to a couple different stores too. He jumped over and scared people and pointed the gun. That's really bad."

Surveillance video shows suspect from the robbery at the Truman Road Subway. One employee was forced to the floor.

Surveillance video shows suspect from the robbery at the Truman Road Subway. One employee was forced to the floor.

The images are seared into Solomon's mind, but he said he is really thinking about how glad he is his employees weren't hurt.

"We want just to be safe and everybody can work in a safe environment," he said.

Many are asking why Subways are the repeated target of this crime pattern. One employee said, "Usually some Subways are ran by one or two employees at a time if it's not busy. So maybe low population, easy access."

A spokesperson with Subway's corporate office emailed this statement: "Local SUBWAY Shop owners are committed to providing a great and safe dining experience for their guests. There are security guidelines that are shared with owners and they often work with local law enforcement."

Police across the metro tell us no one agency is taking the lead on the investigation. Instead, they're sharing information across agencies through crime meetings and emails.

The picture below is from the Subway robbery in Olathe on January 25th.  If you recognize the man from any of the surveillance pictures, call police at the TIPS hotline – (816) 474-TIPS.

Police say these two people robbed the Subway at 135th and Mur-Len in Olathe, Kan.

Police say these two people robbed the Subway at 135th and Mur-Len in Olathe, Kan.

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