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NTSB eyes lowering legal limit for DUI to .05 BAC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It’s normal to have a few drinks with dinner, but that could soon cost you as the National Transportation Safety Board wants to lower the DUI limit. It wants to lower the legal blood alcohol limit on the roads from .08 to .05.

Power and Light is known as a drinking hot spot in the metro. It’s safe to say most of the people there on a Friday night have had a drink or two, but the question is are they legally okay to get behind the wheel?

“Do you feel like you’re capable to drive at this point?” FOX 4’s Megan Brilley asked a bar-goer.

“100 percent,” Bradley Roberts said.

“.06!” Roberts said after seeing his breathalyzer results.

“What's your reaction to that?” Brilley asked.

“Not shocked,” Roberts said.

At that level, according to the NTSB, he is not capable of getting behind the wheel. In a tweet, it says “Safety is a journey, not a destination, reducing BAC limit to .05 is one of many steps to end substance impairment in transportation.

“.07 OH! Doh...I'm not driving home tonight just so you all know,” one woman said after learning her results.

Under the NTSB’s new proposed guidelines, a 100 pound woman could only have one drink before reaching the .05 limit. A limit drinkers here say is impractical.

“It takes away the whole restaurant occasion to have a cocktail or not, one cocktail down to .05 will limit everybody anybody at any weight,” Roberts said.

“I think it's a money-maker, for the attorneys for the county the state the system.

The NTSB says it wants to make a dent in 112 million trips taken by drunk drivers every year, and after our breathalyzers today, drinkers admit they weren’t exactly expecting their results.

“It's higher than I thought it would be. I honestly thought I would be lower,” one woman said.

“I'm for taking anybody who is over the alcohol limit, taking them off the street. That I am for,” Roberts said.

Just to note, no one FOX 4 breathalyzed was under the .05 limit. This is still in the beginning stages. The NTSB did suggest instead of giving an impaired person a DUI at .05, maybe a lesser penalty, like a driver’s license suspension.

Find the entire proposal here:

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