Family who lost child in fatal fire urges others to check smoke detectors

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A family who lost an 8-year-old child to a house fire is asking people to check their smoke detectors. The tragedy happened back in 2011, but Judy Kashka said learning a child died in a house fire in Raytown over the weekend brings up memories of her granddaughter’s death. Taylor Jackson was spending the night at a friend’s house for a slumber party when the home caught fire and she didn’t make it out in time.

“We miss her,” Kashka said. “Her sister misses her, mom misses her, grandpa misses her, I miss her, her friends miss her, it’s a big loss and I hate to hear that another family has to go through this.”

Kashka uses her granddaughter’s death as a way to raise fire safety awareness. She asks people to make sure their smoke detectors are working and to have an evacuation plan.

Fire officials said it’s still unknown if there were working smoke detectors inside that fatal Raytown apartment fire over the weekend.