Harry Stone’s widow profoundly grateful that suspect has been arrested in 2012 murder

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Nearly four years after his murder, a metro family is relieved to hear a man is now arrested and charged in connection to the fatal shooting of Harry Stone.

On Tuesday a heartbroken Bobbie Stone breathed a big sigh of relief that her husband’s suspected killer is finally in custody.

"This is what we sought from the very beginning. On the morning of May 13, 2012, I kissed him goodbye as he left for his run for what I did not know at that time was the very last time,” she said during a news conference.

“And I mean very last time, because my husband's body was considered a crime scene. Even in death, I was not able to touch him, to say goodbye, to kiss him again. I had to do that at a distance."

Bobbie Stone

Bobbie Stone

Investigators say that Mother’s Day morning in May, before Harry celebrated with his family and wife of nearly 41 years, he left his Raytown home for his routine run. For years, all police had was a description of the shooter and a car caught on a gas station surveillance video near where he was shot near 67th and Blue Ridge.

Harry, just 60 years old, later died at the hospital, the victim of what police called a random shooting.

"It still hurts my heart that I didn't get a chance to crawl into a hospital bed with him and tell him goodbye as I have helped people do for the last nine years as a hospice chaplain," said Bobbie.

Now Jackson County prosecutors have charged 24-year-old Craig Brown of Kansas City in connection with the murder. Police arrested brown on Monday, and prosecutors say a weapon proved to be the big break in the unsolved murder.

"There was a match,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said.

Jean Peters Baker at news conference on charge in Harry Stone murder case

Jean Peters Baker at news conference on charge in Harry Stone murder case

The prosecutor said Brown was in a car crash near 43rd and Pittman Road in Kansas City on February 1, 2015. During that investigation, detectives found a Glock 19-semiautomatic in the vehicle's glove box. Investigators say ballistic tests revealed it was the same gun that killed Harry Stone.

Prosecutors also say the vehicle caught on the surveillance video belonged to Brown's girlfriend.

"The physical evidence that we have in this case, the surveillance video capturing the crime occurring, the murder weapon, the ballistics, that's all coupled with witness statements," Baker explained.

Bobbie thanked all the police officers and prosecuting attorney, her family, church family and community.

"But most of all I thank my God who has never left my side," she said. "I had those awful questions: Why? Why did you let this happen? I understand now that I'm not going to get an answer to that. And I know too that I may not get an answer for why the perpetrator did such a thing. But what I can take solace in that people stand here for my Harry. They're standing for justice."

Police say the motive is still unknown, but Brown faces a second degree murder charge. Prosecutors have requested a $250,000 bond, and he's set to appear in court on February 24 for a preliminary hearing.

 Craig L. Brown, 24.

Craig L. Brown, 24.