Russell Stover donates 130,000 Valentine’s Day boxes of chocolate to Harvesters

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some would argue there aren't many things sweeter than chocolate, and that's why Russell Stover is donating 130,000 chocolate filled Valentine's Day heart boxes to the Harvesters food pantry.

Valerie Nicholson Watson, the President and CEO of Harvesters food pantry, said their mission is to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow.

"While our main focus is to distribute the healthiest food possible, we also know that everyone deserves and enjoys a sweet treat, especially on a holiday such as Valentine's Day," Watson said.

That's why they teamed up with Russell Stover.

"Sharing our delicious chocolates with our neighbors in need," Andreas Pfluger, the President and CEO of Russell Stover, said.

Pfluger said they believe everyone deserves a treat every now and again, especially around the holidays.

"We hope to bring a smile to the face of someone who may not have received a Valentine in a while," Pfluger added.

Russell Stover donated 130,000 chocolate filled Valentine's Day heart boxes for those in need.

"We are glad to support their efforts by providing a special treat to people they serve," Pfluger said.

Mayor Sly James said this donation is a true testament to the generosity of our community.

"It reflects our culture of giving back, and while we understand that food banks like Harvesters need fresh groceries and protein and canned goods, and other things to feed patrons, we also believe that everybody deserves a little bit of happiness," Mayor James said.

Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas Mark Holland said it's donations and partners like Harvesters that help meet the critical needs of families.

"Kansas City, Kansas has the highest rate of child poverty in the state of Kansas and one of the highest in the region," Mayor Holland added. "We have a big healthy communities initiative, but healthy communities also includes having hope and feeling special."

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