Ned Yost says his bobblehead has too much gray hair

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Royals are gearing up for Spring Training and in honor or the boys in blue getting ready to head to Surprise, Ariz. to prepare for what we hope is another winning season, we're taking you one on one with some of your favorites including Royals manager Ned Yost.

Q: Everybody wants to see the World Champs back on the field again. You probably just want some shuteye?

A: No, I want to see the World Champs back on the field again. I'm excited, I'm excited for us to get started, I'm excited to get the group together. It's always fun, you know, after doing something special and having everyone back and getting their batteries recharged and getting back to Arizona. But we can all celebrate a little bit, but start focusing ourselves to doing it again so it's a fun group. It's a group you miss when you're not around them. So we're just as excited to get going as everyone else.

Q: How crazy has this off-season been for you?

A: It's been crazy. It's been crazy. You create quite a stir everywhere you go, everyone is very excited. And that's exciting, you know? Ever since I took this job, you know, my mindset was, I want to win a championship for the city of Kansas City. I wanted to win it for these fans because I saw how great the fans were in the early 80s when I was playing against Kansas City. We would come in against those really, really good, George Brett led Kansas City Royals and how exciting it was to come to Kansas City and play games. And I wanted to be a part of bringing that back. Because I knew what it would be like. I knew how much pride they would take in us being champions and how much they would enjoy and celebrate it. So it's been really really cool to see.

Q: We've got this bobblehead picture of you, what do you think?

Ned Yost says this bobblehead has too much gray hair.

Ned Yost says this bobblehead has too much gray hair.

A: I think it's good. It's my first real bobblehead. I had a mini bobblehead in Milwaukee one time, so I think that it's neat. My grandson will like it.

Q: Do you think it resembles you? Especially on the side by the ears?

A: There's a little too much gray I think, when I saw it, but I guess it looks pretty good. I just saw a picture of it really quick. I didn't really look at it.

Q: The season had a Hollywood ending for you guys. If they had a movie about the Royals winning the World Series, who would play you?

A: Awe man, I don't know. Mike Swanson? Either that or Sam Mellinger. I don't go that deep in thought. It's a good question, but I have yet to sit and ponder that one. Maybe sometime in Spring Training.

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