Community outreach group inviting graffiti artists back

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A community outreach group on Kansas City's East Side, hoping to put an end to crime through ministry, recently was victimized by crime. Graffiti artists tagged the trucks they use to hold events. Surveillance cameras caught them in action.

For nearly a decade All Christians Together Serving has had a simple mission.

"We reach out to people, try to stop the violence, stop the crime and try to bring hope to people," A.C.T.S. President Vennie Gonzalez said.

Now they are reaching out to people who they've never met, but whose work they've seen in action.

Sunday February 7th, two people were spotted at the A.C.T.S. Discipleship House off East 12th Street getting out of their car and heading straight for the box trucks behind the building.

"They might just be outsiders who saw a white canvas there and decided to tag it," Gonzalez said.

After spending nearly a half-hour right alongside the road with cars passing by, the trucks were covered in graffiti.

"It kind of made me a little sad, because what we do, we try to bring hope to the community and we want to be positive.Graffiti all over it, it`s not appropriate for what we do," Vennie's wife, A.C.T.S. Vice President Donna Gonzalez said.

They called Kansas City, Mo., Police and put the word out on social media. They say their goal at this point isn't necessarily to get the people responsible in trouble, but maybe to put their skills to use.

"My hope would be the gentleman that did do this, that are on video, that they would come and talk to us, we just want to give them an opportunity to correct this and put something more positive on our trucks," Donna Gonzalez said.

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