Olathe woman close to her dream of landing a spot on TV’s ‘Talking Dead’

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Alyssa Miles is featured in this promotional photo from the ‘Talking Dead contest.’ She said added the skull emojis, which show off her signature pink glasses. Click the image to vote!

OLATHE, Kan. — An Olathe woman’s quest to appear on TV’s ‘Talking Dead’ is about to reach an end… and her fate has yet to be decided.

The show provides commentary and recaps episodes of the immensely popular ‘Walking Dead’ series, and typically features celebrity fans, cast members, and crew from the series. Olathe resident Alyssa Miles never misses an episode.

“My husband always laughs at me for watching a show talking about a show I just watched, but it’s another way to connect with other fans and the cast members,” Alyssa said.

‘Talking Dead’ announced an online vote months ago to get fans from the general public to be on the show, so’Walking Dead’ superfan Alyssa knew she had to send in a video about her love for the zombie series.

To her surprise, Alyssa was chosen as one of 17 finalists back in December. And now, with one week left to vote, her dream is so close.

Currently, Alyssa finds herself in third place. The voting works by the general public “up-voting” or “down-voting” the contestants. The better the up-vote to down-vote ratio, the better the contestant’s ranking.

“I’m a huge fan of zombies and got into this series when I was on maternity leave after my first child was born in 2012,” Alyssa said.  “I make new friends daily talking about The Walking Dead and recapping episodes with everyone.”

Alyssa works with Meyer Music, who partners with Band of Angels, a local charity organization dedicated to “helping kids in need find music.”

Whenever she receives a donation of an instrument she said, “I instantly think of the smile on the students face when they end up receiving an instrument they couldn’t have gotten any other way. Between my kids & husband, The Walking Dead, and Band of Angels, life is good. Those are my loves in life.”

She has helped so many others pursue their passions, now she has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pursue her own.

Alyssa was actually interviewed by FOX 4 last year for her work with Band of Angels. She said she was actually quite nervous for her interview, and thinks of herself as more of a “behind the scenes” type of person. But she’s so passionate about ‘Walking Dead’ she’s willing to step out onto that big stage.

‘Talking Dead’ host Chris Hardwick announced after last week’s episode that the voting ends this week, so Alyssa has some ground to cover.

If you would like to up-vote Alyssa (and maybe down-vote the other guys) check out the contest page.

We hope to see Alyssa on that coveted couch soon, rubbing elbows with all her favorite stars.

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