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Video shows parent barging onto KC school bus in attempt to confront 7-year-old boy

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Screams were heard inside a Kansas City school bus as a parent stormed inside with a belt in hand, threatening a 7-year-old boy. Video from the bus shows a man threatening a child inside and confronting the bus driver.

He told police that the first grader harassed his daughter and he decided to take things into his own hands.

In surveillance video exclusively obtained by FOX 4, Jerel Robinson pushes his way onto a KCMO school bus, ripping the radio out of the driver’s hand.

“My life was being threatened, my school baby's lives were being threatened,” school bus driver Kamilah Rice told FOX 4's Megan Brilley.

Robinson demands his daughter to “point him out,” fighting his way through the aisle to find the 7-year-old who he claimed harassed his daughter. Video shows him strong-arm the driver, as she tries her hardest to block the boy.

“I believed he was gonna hurt one of the kids,” Rice said.

“I've never heard my son scream like that. Never,” the boy’s mom, Brittany Lacy, said.

Heartbreaking footage her to watch as a man, belt in hand, threatens her son.

“When I realized there was a belt involved, I was awe-stricken. No words. I couldn't say anything. That's not even your child!” Lacy said.

Robinson was arrested for harassment and third-degree assault; charges Lacy believes do not fit the crime.

“There should've been more hefty charges, for no other reason but that this is a child. You literally scared the life out of him,” she said.

Lacy feels many emotions watching the footage: Anger, sadness, but also comfort, knowing her son’s bus driver will protect him at all costs.

“He put his hands on her, to get to my son, she did everything she could to not allow that, and for that I will forever be eternally grateful,” Lacy said.

Robinson was arrested but failed to show up a December court date. A warrant is out for his arrest.