Allergy season expected to come early after mild winter

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you are feeling rundown and dealing with a cough or a stuffed up nose it might not be a cold, it might be allergies.

Doctors say allergy season is starting earlier than usual this year.

With such a mild winter this year, and with some 70-degree days in our immediate forecast, some trees in the southern portion of the U.S., will start to pollinate, and that’s bad news for allergy sufferers.

The strong winds that are bringing warm weather to the metro will also bring pollen, which then gets in people's eyes and noses, and the body creates a chemical called histamine to battle it. That causes you to feel like you are sick.

Allergists say the challenge is determining whether you have a cold or are battling allergies – since the symptoms are very similar.

"Runny nose, sinus pressure, headaches, so obviously sometimes you cannot tell if you are dealing with an allergy," allergist Roxana Voica said.

Click here to check the pollen count in your area.


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