Woman watches ‘angels’ swoop in to clean yard, prepare roof replacement

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As 87-year-old Juanita Sidmon watched, a group of men she refers to as angels descended on her Northeast Kansas City home. They spent the morning raking, trimming bushes and removing piles of debris.

"I cannot ever repay them," said Mrs. Sidmon.

The same men and more -- all whom work for the same metro company which asked to remain anonymous -- will be back over the next few weeks to put a new roof on her home and rebuild her battered porch.

"So many people with such kindness and generosity to come here and help me," said Mrs. Sidmon with tears in her eyes.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers first shared Mrs. Sidmon's story two weeks ago detailing her concerns about her home, which had lost a huge portion of its roof. She had received seveal warning letters from the city regarding code violations, and was worried that she might be forced to give up the house where she's lived for 40 years.

After the story aired, FOX 4 heard from dozens of viewers from across the metro offering to help. Some wanted to pay any fines Mrs. Sidmon was facing (she actually hasn't been fined yet). Others wanted to fix her roof and a few even offered to let Mrs. Sidmon move into their home.

Mrs Sidmon, who doesn't use a computer, missed much of the online chatter that ensued from people touched by her story. But she heard about it from a foster daughter.

"My foster daughter she was telling me all the things that people were calling (sic) in on Facebook, and the things they were saying, and I felt like I was sitting in a group of angels around me. It's hard to describe. It really is. "

The work on Mrs. Sidmon's roof begins in the next two weeks. Once it's finished we'll be back with another update. By the way, Mrs. Sidmon tells FOX 4 that the city's codes department has now closed its case on her because she's getting help.

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